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Today is my one year anniversary of working for Macromedia. After a year on the Flash team, I am now part of the Central team, starting this week. I'm excited to be here and to be working with Michael, Ethan, Mike, Danny, the AOL SDK, etc.

I look forward to more years to come.

 posted by Vera (3/11/2004 07:48:00 AM);

Using Flash to teach music

Last week at Flash Forward, I ran into my friend Tim. He is an avid violin player and really likes to combine Flash with math and sound. He showed me some of what he has been working on lately: A 3D circular arrangement that shows the relationships between musical keys. Be sure to have your speakers or headphones on when you click around in it. This page has some more information on what exactly is going on.

 posted by Vera (3/10/2004 08:11:00 AM);

Undocumented JSAPI function: prompt

In addition to alert, prompt is another global JavaScript function available in the JSAPI that is not documented. It takes two parameters: the string to be displayed in the prompt box and the default value in the input field. It returns the value the user enters.

Usage example:

prompted = prompt("Enter something: ", "blah");

 posted by Vera (3/07/2004 10:21:00 PM);

Flash Forward Day 3

I have uploaded some pictures from Day 3. This concludes Flash Forward 2004 in San Francisco. All my pictures are now in one central location.

Interesting tidbits from today:
-During his presentation, Branden Hall had to show us some code inside of a .fla, and he opened up Flash MX, NOT Flash MX 2004.
-Robert Penner is really into American Idol's William Hung and into trippy Sesame clips from the '70's.

 posted by Vera (3/06/2004 09:57:00 AM);

Pictures from Flash Forward Day 2

Grant Skinner during his session Applying ActionScript 2.0

Kristin Henry during her session Visualizing Science With Flash

Dinner (at Eric's Chinese restaurant): Anthony Schiffbauer, Guy Watson, Lucian Beebe, Daniel Dura

Dinner: Christian Cantrell, Peter Hall, Chafic Kazoun, Mike Chambers, Sas Jacobs, Jared Ficklin, Unknown-to-me, Ketan Something, Keith Peters (you an only see the top of his head), Anthony Schiffbauer, Guy Watson, Lucian Beebe, Daniel Dura

Dinner: Jared Ficklin, Grant's girlfriend Bobby, Grant Skinner, Keith Peters, Sam Robbins

Dinner: Names I mentioned before, plus Kristin Henry

 posted by Vera (3/05/2004 07:26:00 AM);

Pictures from Flash Forward Days 0 and 1

At Absinthe restaurant. Starting from left and going around the table: Keith Peters, Mike Lyda, Chafic Kazoun, Somebody Whose Name I Don't Know, John Dowdell, Eric Dolecki, Sas Jacobs.

Jared Ficklin's name tag. What can I say, I'm German.

Peter Hall, Guy Watson, Jared Ficklin

Jared being a massive geek. To the left of him is Mike Lyda and to the right Paul Spitzer.

Chafic Kazoun and Samuel Wan at the end of Tim O'Reilly's session.

 posted by Vera (3/04/2004 09:11:00 AM);